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Protecting trade marks in Australia and New Zealand together

trade marks new zealand nzNew Zealand Joins Madrid Protocol

As of 10 December 2012, trade mark owners outside New Zealand can now seek registration in New Zealand via the International Registration system. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to protect trade marks in New Zealand.

Davies Collison Cave in New Zealand

Davies Collison Cave is one of the largest trade mark filers in New Zealand and handles all types of trade mark matters in New Zealand, including conducting availability searches and obtaining registrations.

Streamlined Australia/New Zealand trade mark management

As the largest trade mark filer in Australia, we are often instructed to handle a particular trade mark matter in Australia and New Zealand simultaneously. This saves our clients both time and costs. We routinely file national applications simultaneously in both countries and discount our services in this regard.

If you seek registration in both Australia and New Zealand either under the Madrid Protocol or nationally in each country, we can assist with examination and streamline the process for you.

As IPONZ (the Trade Marks Office in New Zealand) is likely to examine an International Registration or national application much earlier than IP Australia we suggest the following strategy, to streamline management of a trade mark application in Australia and/or New Zealand:

  1. Record the address for service pre-examination - WIPO's involvement during the examination phase means that the process is often significantly protracted. If we notify IPONZ and IP Australia that our firm is responsible for management of the relevant designations of an International Registration, we will receive the examination reports directly and this will expedite the process. We will not charge for recording ourselves as the address for service.
  2. Australian examination - an IPONZ examination report will typically issue and be reported to our clients before the corresponding Australian application has been examined. If the same objections are raised and your requirements are the same for each country, we can respond to an Australian examination report as soon as it issues. This will also save time and costs.

We will be happy to answer any questions. Please contact one of our dedicated Trade Mark team members - for details of our TM team click here.  

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