Your complete guide to the Raising the Bar IP law reforms.

The most significant reforms in more than 20 years to Australia’s IP framework have now come in to effect. Davies Collison Cave has compiled these resources to explain how the changes affect you.

What's changed: a 4-minute overview

DCC partners Michael Caine (patents), Michael Wolnizer (trade marks) and Chris Jordan (IP law) explain the most significant changes.

Raising the Bar Act 2012 is here

Summary of the key changes now enacted.

Further information for your industry

General IP

Raising the Bar: what you need to know
Raising the Bar: final regulations released
Basic overview of the law reforms


12 ways patent applicants should prepare
Raising the Bar regulations published for public consultation
Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012
Australia's Raising the Bar reforms: changes to trade mark registrations, oppositions and enforcement

Raising the Bar: Comprehensive review

A detailed overview of the Act

Trade Marks

Summary of the key issues with the draft Trade Mark Regulations for the Raising the Bar Act

Customs seizure

Raising the Bar: improvements to Customs seizures for trade mark and copyright owners