DCC PLAY ► is a collection of media tools produced in-house to assist clients, innovators, entrepreneurs and other interested parties:

IP Processes - Easy to follow animations to guide you through the process of applying for various types of IP rights.

IP Perspectives - Short client interviews with tips for businesses and insight on how they value, develop and use IP rights.

DCC Seminars - full length DCC seminars with focus on major IP changes both locally and internationally.

IP Updates - Short media pieces on changes to IP law in Australia. Helping clients stay informed.

DCC Clients on working with IP professionals - An insight from the clients perspective on our trade mark and patent attorneys.

DCC Videos - Firm video, client testimonials and other DCC videos.

IP Processes - Animations

What do you need to do, or prove, to protect your invention with a patent? How does an innovation patent differ? How different does a design need to be to register it?

DCC has produced these informative step-by-step animations with narration from Sydney patent attorney, Dan Berger. Dan takes you on a non-technical journey from IP creator to IP rights-holder.


IP Perpectives

IP rights are valuable to businesses in a variety of ways. The IP Perspectives series consists of informative, three minute client interviews to illustrate a variety of priorities and uses.

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur and engineer, Richard Tamba imparts 7 pearls of wisdom.

Luke Meeve at DuluxGroup explains the importance of getting trade marks right.


With over 50 engineering related patents, Richard Tamba gives tips on developing innovation.

Styli Pelekanos of Sydney manufacturer, Brio, says protecting your innovation it vital.

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DCC Seminars

DCC Singapore welcomes Dan Altman of Knobbe Martens to discuss what constitutes patentable subject matter in the U.S.

DCC & AusBiotech co-host a discussion on the High Court's Myriad gene patent decision of October 2015.

DCC and Lee & Lee co-host a seminar on the implications of developments in inventive step law in Singapore.

DCC presents a practical and informative seminar on commercialising IP, with PwC and ATP Innovations.

DCC's Bill Pickering and Sam Mickan discuss the affect that three major US court cases have made to patentable subject matter in the US.

IP Updates


If you're an Australian business and earn over $3m, the proposed Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) amendments may affect you. DCC Partner, Gordon Hughes, explains the changes.

The Raising the Bar Act 2012 made a significant impact on the Australian IP landscape. DCC runs through the key changes.

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DCC Clients on working with IP professionals


About DCC

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