Patent attorney careers

At Davies Collison Cave, we recognise the technical and legal expertise of our professionals, which provide the foundation for unparalleled service to our clients. You will be working alongside like-minded and motivated professionals, including some of Australia’s leading patent attorneys. We offer challenging and rewarding careers in a supportive and friendly environment.

What does a patent attorney do?

A patent attorney:

Mathew’s metamorphosis

Read about Mathew Lucas’s path from the chemistry labs of academia to becoming a patent attorney and DCC Senior Associate.
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  • Manages client patent portfolios on a daily basis, including liaising with and advising clients, monitoring patent application examination and enforcement and communicating with intellectual property firms around the world;
  • Is involved in all areas of patent work, such as patent application drafting and prosecution, (including work for both local and overseas clients), as well as oppositions, search reporting and the preparation of infringement and validity advice;
  • Provides advice on research and commercialisation strategies; and
  • Liaises with our Solicitors, to provide technical advice, for example, with respect to technology transfer agreements and litigation.

If you are a qualified or nearly qualified patent attorney and are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the Davies Collison Cave team, please contact us for further details on applying for a position at Davies Collison Cave.

Trainee patent attorneys

At Davies Collison Cave we offer training and development opportunities for people with a solid scientific background who are willing to develop their legal and commercial skills. A good attorney combines their scientific, legal and commercial experience to deliver the best possible outcome for their clients. Our trainees receive extensive training through our partner led practical in-house development program and by attending relevant tertiary courses so they can qualify as a patent attorney.

At Davies Collison Cave, we look for people who:

  • Have at least an honours degree in a technology area such as engineering, biotechnology or chemistry;
  • Post-graduate experience/qualifications (preferred but not essential);
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Have an ability to think analytically and laterally; and
  • Are willing to take on the extra study required to qualify as a patent and trade mark attorney.

Registration as a patent (and trade mark) attorney is regulated by the Professional Standards Board. To be registered you must:

  • Possess a diploma, degree or post graduate qualification from an authorised Higher Education institute in a field of technology that contains potentially patentable subject matter;
  • Be a resident of Australia;
  • Have worked with a registered patent attorney or be employed in a company practicing patent matters for at least one year; and
  • Have successfully completed an accredited patent and trade mark course of study.

In the first year as a trainee attorney at Davie Collison Cave, the salary paid will depend on your qualifications and experience. We also pay for the accredited patent and trade mark course of study. Where your salary goes from there is up to you - your ability will be one of the key deciding factors.

If you believe you have the relevant skills and qualifications and are interested in a career as a patent attorney, please see Contact Us for further details on applying for a position with our firm.