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Technical specialists with proven success

You can't protect innovations you don't understand. That's why many of our attorneys have doctorates in their fields of science and proven success at the world's leading research companies.

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Technical specialists who understand your innovations

Davies Collison Cave's success as Australia’s largest and most experienced patent practice is driven largely by the diverse skills of our scientifically trained patent attorneys. All of our patent attorneys hold qualifications in science and engineering and many of them hold honors degrees and PhDs in their fields of expertise.

Chemistry and materials sciences patents

including organic, inorganic, mineral and metallurgical chemistry, polymer, protein and nucleic acid chemistry, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agrochemicals and natural products.

Engineering, physics and electronics patents

including aerospace, automotive, marine and structural engineering, automation and control systems, electronic circuits, lasers and processing technologies.

IT and software patents

including electronics, semiconductors, computer science and software, photonics, telecommunications and networks including internet technologies and financial systems.

Life sciences patents

including agrichemistry, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, protein and organic chemistry, food technology, drug design and pharmaceuticals, plant physiology, genetics, gene therapies and stem cell biology.

Medical device patents

including biomedical engineering, ocular implants, imaging and diagnostic systems, drug delivery and robotic systems.

Nanotechnology patents

including small technology aspects of biology, chemistry, engineering, materials science, nano-scale fabrication, photonics and polymers.

Plant patents and plant variety protection

including information on registration and protection of Plant Breeders’ Rights in Australia and overseas.

Clean Technology patents

including bioenergy, clean coal, geothermal, solar, wind and ocean power energy, hybrid vehicles, water saving and filtration, recycling technologies and sustainability.

Get in touch with our technical specialists

If you would like to contact a technical specialist in your field of innovation, or any other area of intellectual property, Davies Collison Cave can customise a presentation to suit your needs. For further information or advice please contact your nearest Davies Collison Cave office.